Spray-drying System

We use two atomization techniques : Nozzle Atomizer and Disc Atomizer type. Disperse the liquid into hot air, instantly dry, and produce dry powder – this is preferred method for drying large quantity of thermally-sensitive food materials. Operation Capacity (per hour) : 300 liters (1 unit) and 120 liters (1 unit)

  • SD Available Materials
  • Seasoning materials : Including vegetable hydrolyzed protein, brewed soy sauce,chemically processed soy sauce and composite seasoning.
  • Oriental medicine materials : Including acanthopanax extract, jujube/ginger concentration, black herbal tea concentration and dried tangerine peel.
  • Processed livestock products materials : Including beef extract, beef leg soup extract powder, chicken stock and pork bone stock concentration.
  • Processed marine products materials : Including clam extract, salted shrimp extract, anchovy extract and katsuobushi extract
  • Processed fruits & vegetables products materials : Including vegetable/garlic/spring onion extract, blueberry/aronia extract, seven berry or pineapple.
  • Materials for other food : Flavor, Coloring
Fine FT - Spray Drying